President Tokayev Announces $1 Million Humanitarian Aid to Palestinian People at Organization of Turkic States Summit

President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev declared an allocation of $1 million in humanitarian aid to Palestine, underscoring the pressing need for peace and diplomacy in conflict-ridden regions during the 10th summit of the Organization of Turkic States (OTS) on November 3. 

The announcement made by President Tokayev comes amidst ongoing global tensions, including the Russia-Ukraine conflict, instability in Afghanistan, and the enduring Israel-Palestine confrontation. 

Addressing the attending delegates, Tokayev emphasized the distressing predicament of civilians, particularly vulnerable groups such as children and the elderly, caught in the crossfire in the Gaza Strip.

“Today, civilians in the Gaza Strip, especially children and the elderly, are becoming victims of the confrontation. The main task is to ensure their safety. In this regard, I have decided to provide humanitarian assistance to the Palestinian people of $1 million,” said Tokayev.

President Tokayev reiterated Kazakhstan’s strong condemnation of violence and terrorism when addressing long-standing issues. 

“Addressing long-standing issues through violence and acts of terrorism is completely unacceptable. Kazakhstan strongly condemns these methods. Exacerbation of the situation can lead to grave consequences. Therefore, we urge the resolution of conflicts solely through peaceful negotiations and diplomatic dialogue. For us, maintaining the territorial integrity of all states and non-interference in their internal affairs are key priorities,” said Tokayev.

He advocated adherence to international law and United Nations Security Council resolutions. Tokayev also highlighted the need to revitalize the UN Security Council, suggesting a more constructive approach to reforming the council. 

He proposed a more inclusive representation of nations from various regions, emphasizing the significance of the Global South’s involvement.

“In our opinion, this important body should include countries representing all regions of the world, including countries of the Global South. With complex global processes, the actions of Turkic countries must take a balanced approach. In this context, we must focus on strengthening Turkic integration,” he added.

This announcement resonates with Kazakhstan’s commitment to promoting peace and stability on the global stage, advocating for a diplomatic resolution to longstanding conflicts and crises that continue to impact communities worldwide.

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